Top 5 Upcoming Movies With Titles That Can Be Misconstrued

#5 Old Dogs (Walt Disney Pictures, Nov 25, 2009)
The silver foxes in this flick prove that one’s never too old to have a good time. When the topic of who gets laid more comes up during a poker game, a group of five guys set to settle a bet and find out who can bring in more debutantes before the night’s over. When chicks are involved, aren’t they all winners?

#4 Whip It (Fox Searchlight Pictures, Oct 10, 2009)
If you’re one those who like their sex movies a little on the, shall way say, rougher side “Whip It” is the movie for you. Join Sasha Grey and Katsumi in this whipping fetish vid that’s sure to leave a mark–even on the viewer!

#3 The Blue Tooth Virgin (Regent Releasing, Sep 25, 2009)
This sprightly romp centers around a down-on-his-luck geek who has never had sex before. He then decides to build a magic Blue Tooth device that gives him the power to control whoever he speaks to on the other end of the line So, what does he do with it? He calls up the high school’s cheerleading squad and invites them over for a “slumber party”. Naturally, of course.

#2 Streetballers (MSK Productions LLC, Aug 21, 2009)
There’s nothing greater than the big city. The lights, the glitz, and the many alleys in which to have sex. “Streetballers” is a gonzo flick starring Chantal Ferrera, Carmen Black, and Diana King that follows their escapades as they lure young guys off the street and into their chainlink love dens all while doing their best not to get caught with their pants down.

#1 Jennifer’s Body (20th Century Fox, Sep 18, 2009)
Morgan Layne stars as Jennifer, a college co-ed who’s on the verge of missing out her last semester at Freemont University if she doesn’t procure enough capital to cover a debt. What’s the first idea that pops into her educated head: sell your body! She becomes the campus prostitute and even the professors are getting in on the action.

Bonus: Top 3 Pornos With “Normal Names”

Malice In Lalaland (Miss Lucifer Production)
This movie starring Sasha Grey has a title that would make one think it’s Tim Burton’s re-imagining of the classic “Alice in Wonderland” or a movie like “Lemony Snicket”, but it’s a far cry from a kids tale.

Swing Time (Adam & Eve)
This movie sounds like a dance movie or a comedy about two people who switch lives or something. In fact, there was a 1936 movie with the same title starring Fred Astaire, but there’s no dancing in this movie with Kayden Kross.

Nostalgia (Reel Queer Productions)
Definitely sounds like a chick flick. Maybe one about a woman who tries to get over the loss of her husband in WWII or something, but it’s about a couple girls watching porn movies only to find that they have been “queered up”

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