Why Katie Price Is So Over This

In my opinion, Katie Price is like the British version of Paris Hilton with a comparison basis of misunderstanding. Their respective countries each feel that they don’t deserve to be famous without realizing we’re the ones who put them in the spotlight. Then, they’ve got to deal with crap like this…

While waiting in line at the restaurant, a woman inside began shouting, “Katie is a slag!**” and held up a sign to ensure she was getting her point across.

The woman was eventually escorted off of the premises and Ms Price seemed un-phased by the commotion.

(via Gossip Center)

**Slag is british slang for a loose woman.

C’mon, really? How would you feel if you couldn’t go out to eat without someone shouting demeaning crap into your ear. It’s not cool.

Anyway, that’s one of the reasons I created my Blog Segment “Katie Price Is So Over This”. You’d be, too. Wouldn’t you?

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