Haven’t You Heard? – Marianas Trench

It amazes to me to no extent how a band this epicly awesome has been on the scene since 2001 and I just heard about them this year. The band is Marianas Trench and they’re from the California of Canada, British Colombia. Their being from the Great White North is no excuse for my disknowledge (is that a word?) of this band. I heard their about their album, Masterpiece Theatre--which, by the way, is their second album–by word of mouth on Twitter, and mon dieu! was I blown away by it. EVERY SONG IS GREAT. Their sound is comparable to The Academy Is…, Cash Cash, or maybe The All-American Rejects. It’s got that nice fun sound that we get from Canadian Pop artists like Skye Sweetnam or Avril Lavigne, on songs like “Cross My Heart” and “Celebrity Status”, but it doesn’t shy away from wanting to take your heart into its hands on songs like “Good To You” and “Lover Dearest” and lead singer Josh Ramsay’s vocals are amazering–seriously. (Yes, I said amazering) I suggest, if you haven’t already, that you go pick up this album. It is truly a masterpiece.

Cross My Heart
All To Myself
::Download “Masterpiece Theatre” Video Pack::

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