Haven’t You Heard? – Priscilla Renae

YouTube’s full of people singing (usually horribly) into their webcams, but every now and again we find a diamond amongst the dirt. No, we’re not talking about Marie Digby–she had her time to shine. We’re talking about the six-string strummer and singing starlet Priscilla Renea. According to her bio on her from her official site, she hails from sunny Vero Beach, Florida and is ready to drop her Capitol Records debut “Jukebox” in October. Now, I will admit, the only song I’ve heard by her is her single “Dollhouse” which is amazering (yes, I used amazering again) but she has a nice repatoire of covers and originals at her YouTube page (obviously…that’s caught her lablel’s attention). If I had to compare her to another artist, to make it easier for those who don’t feel like forming an opinon through their perusing of her material, I’d say she’s like a less depressing Tracy Chapman. I guess. Give her a listen. I think we may see more of her in the future and wouldn’t you like to be the one in your circle to be able to say “I knew about her back when she dropped her first album”–admit it, pop-hipster.

Oh, and she’s such fun on Twitter, too.

::Download “Dollhouse”::

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