And the VMA for WTF goes to…

Only because it’s imperative that every blogger must write about the VMAs, here’s my analysis…


Second, If you haven’t heard, a certain someone rudely stole the spotlight from Taylor Swift’s first VMA win. I’m not gonna dignify this certain narcicist simply based on the fact that what, hereafter referred to as “the party”, did was childish, damaging to the party’s culture, mean-spirited, and all-out unwarranted for a night that was dedicated to one of the greatest performers of all time–Michael Jackson. The party in question neads to learn that there’s a time and a place to “speak your mind” and it can be assumed that the party simply performed its action out of despiration from the fact that it would not win an award and had to scramble to do something to be in the news the next day. Now, yes, I am a fan of the party and I will still listen to the party’s music after this incident involving Taylor Swift, but what the party did tonight was in poor taste. The party has stated that it will apologize to Swift, but there shouldn’t have been need to apologize in the first place. I mean, Beyonce was nominated for 9 awards. Why couldn’t Taylor have 1? The party has been eaten by what my hero, Lady Gaga, calls “The Fame Monster” and I don’t feed Fame-whores or Fame monsters (This means you too, Speidi).

Anyway, with that said, the VMAs were nearly perfect tonight. There were so many water-cooler moments it’s hard to choose one…

1)Madonna’s Speech/Janet’s performance
2)Green Day’s Moshpit
3)Beyonce giving Taylor Swift her props
4)Lady Gaga’s murder mystery/Heaven & Hell outfits
5)Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ homage to their hometown, New York
6)Russel Brand was actually on his best behavior…but still not funny
7)Michael Jackson “This is It” trailer
8)Pink’s circus performance
9)MUSE performing their new single “Uprising”
?)Lil Mama’s unecessary appearance.

According to Twitter, I’d say the biggest water cooler moment, other than Taylor Swift’s, will be Lil Mama. Her going on stage during Jay-Z’s performance was unnecessary as Wisin y Yandel being nominated for a VMA…which they were…tonight…as if they had a chance. Whatevs…The VMAs were beautiful and I loved them, but my standards were low considering last year’s. Good Job, MTV. You’ve renewed my faith in you. I especially loved Lady Gaga’s bloody murder performance. She’s my hero and always will be…at least until she steals the spotlight from someone who totally deserved it, but she wouldn’t do that. She’s no Joe Wilson…or Kanye West. Oops.

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