Welcome to the new LOLTRENTZ Green! We’ve always been green thanks to the little SocialVibe badges on the right. The traffic through this blog helps raise money for the Environmental cause and I suggest that everyone else who isn’t with SocialVibe go sign up right now to support a cause.

Anyway, the blog that started in April 09 and used to specialize in parodic pictures has grown beyond its inceptional purpose. The blog will now be your aggregate for news around the ‘nets as well your one-stop shop for new music downloads and iPod music videos. I’ll still post new LOLTRENTZ and KATIEPRICEs every now and then, but the main focus will be towards providing you with new music, videos, news and whatever else comes up. Now, remember: if links die, they die. Too bad. It’s the circle of life and if they come back to life, they’re zombies and we don’t want zombies around here (lawl). Also, SUPPORT THE ARTIST. Any media you download from here is for the sole purpose of allowing the consumer to decide if they would like to purchase the media. Finally, this is a non-profit unofficial charitable blog. The blog is not/will not be used for monetary purposes to the author and the latent purpose is to generate funds for the Environmental cause on SocialVibe. With that said, have fun guys. I’ll do my best to update at least once or twice a week.

Follow me on Twitter. (Also, if you see any relation to this blog on MySpace or Facebook, it’s not me. I do not have an account on either of those sites. I will notify you if that status changes)

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